Blogging in Hong Kong: An Interview with Jason Y Ng


Name: Jason Y Ng

Occupation: Head of Debt Capital Markets, Asia Pacific, CIB Legal/Blogger for South China Morning Post/Freelance Writer

Birth Date: July 5

Place of Birth: Hong Kong


University of Toronto Law School (Doctor of Law J.D, Corporate Law)

University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management (Master of Business Administration, Finance)

University of Pennsylvania (Bachelor of Science, Finance)

University of Pennsylvania (Bachelor of Electrical Engineering)

Zodiac: Cancer

In a very competitive environment like Hong Kong, how does one do it successfully in the field of chosen career? Jason Y Ng nails it! Ng spent his entire adult life in Europe, the United States and Canada before going back in Hong Kong almost 8 years ago. He opened his blog, As I See it, commenting and discussing on Hong Kong’s local culture and news events. He considers blogging and writing as his passion, and over a short period of time, his blog has attracted a sizable amount of followers online. His blog began in November 2008 that tackles about Hong Kong’s “contradictions and oddities”.

Jason is a resident blogger for the South China Morning Post and a contributing writer for newspapers and magazines. He says, blogging in Hong Kong is typical, but what makes it different is bloggers do usually write more on fashion, and less on social commentaries. Like other bloggers do, there are some who criticizes the government. “I write the things that are obvious, I say it straightforward so people know that I am objective. I criticize my government because I love my country.” he said. He has been into blogging for several years, but he doesn’t consider himself a successful one, in a context he sees himself that he is in a process of building his reputation; but gladly appreciates the reception of Hong Kongers about his craft.

Ng’s first book, Hong Kong State of Mind, published by Blacksmith Books, was released in December 2010 and is presently in its third print. “It is a collection of essays that zeroes in on the city’s idiosyncrasies with deadpan precision. At once an outsider looking in and an insider looking out, Ng has created something for everyone: a travel journal for the passing visitor, a user’s manual for the wide-eyed expat, and an open diary for the native Hong Konger looking for moments of reflection.”

Ng currently heads the DCM legal team at BNP Paribas overseeing high yield and investment grade bond transactions originating in the entire Asia-Pacific region.

He also is a part-time English Literature teacher in an academy and sings when he has free time. “I think the biggest challenge so far is the lack of time. You have to manage everything pretty well.” Among all these things, he still able to run up all his diverse pursuits. “I’m a full-time lawyer, blogger, writer, teacher, and traveler. These things for me are connected. I travel, I write about it.” he said. He still is able to balance his regular work and outside interests.


“I don’t consider myself fulfilled yet. I have just started.” Ng believes that success is a bonus. You work on the things you love because it is your passion. Recognition comes next.


What are the things we don’t know about you?

 “Well I really am straightforward. I tell people what is wrong. Like for example my family, I give opinion on their flaws because I love them. If I say nothing, and act like everything is okay, that’s not care… I really am tackless sometimes but I make sure that I’m in the right position.”

What legacy do you want to be remembered by people?

“I think it’s too early for me to think about legacy. I’m still building my own reputation.”

Message to Clickbook:

     “If you wanna work and settle abroad choose Hong Kong.”

Shoutout to everybody:

     “People might have an impression that Hong Kong people are materialistic… but more than that when you get to know the culture and the people, you will appreciate Hong Kong.”

Random Fact:

 “I sang and dined with Prince Charles.”

Twitter Handle: @jasonyng

Photo Credit: Jason Y Ng

After the interview at Exchange Square 3, Central District, Hong Kong
(c) @rjamesbarrete

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