The Faces

Inside the World of Yakuza: An Interview with Anton Kusters

Extreme Vantage Point: An Interview with Vadim Makhorov

Likeable: An Interview with Dave Kerpen

On Showbiz and Politics: An Interview with Brian Poe Llamanzares

Hong Kong’s Young Internet Entrepreneur: An Interview with Josh Lam

Blogging in Hong Kong: An Interview with Jason Y Ng

Engkwentro: An Interview with Pepe Diokno

A Soldier’s Art: An Interview with Dae Lee

The Faces talks about different people. (1) It takes a different look on various personalities who are already known in their chosen fields, (2) gives more personal relationship to readers and getting to know the person through discovering things about their personal and professional profiles and (3) creates an impact on someone’s worth through rediscovering the aspirations of other people. A blog about passion, aspiration and self-introspection.

This blog is not just about a profile of different personalities. It is a profile of passion, aspiration and self-introspection. The blog sets a paradigm of one’s self-worth and value through other people’s lives and pursuit of interests.

To inspire and move forward.


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