Kind Souls Exist

ImageThis is Helen Chock.

I’m leaving Hong Kong today and seemed like everything will end so perfectly. I went to Central at 4pm to catch a ‘supposed’ flight at 9pm; waiting in line at the bus stop may sometimes be boring with the high humidity level just don’t blend so well. Like the usual outsider, I asked directions, and fortunately she speaks English very well (she’s born in Hawaii) she said. As our conversation progressed, she decided to go with me at the airport instead of getting off at Tung Chung to meet a friend and assist on its time table schedule for her Mandarin Class and at least earn a small amount of Hong Kong dollars for a living.Arriving at the airport, she still went with me at the check-in counter.. there I knew I missed my flight. Like I overlooked my schedule. Counter said I have to have a credit card before I can purchase another ticket (which I don’t possess). So panicking was my play. I tried to call some friends in HK but they said ‘trust’ was best considered. Literally, I don’t know what to do. Her phone rang, it was her friend. They were talking in Cantonese but somehow I do understand some words in the entire conversation. Question asked to her, “why are you helping a stranger?”. She answered, “I don’t know.” I was really greatful, I said to myself I called Magan , my adviser and there he helped me out to work things fine. Assisted and bought a new ticket.This lady, who stayed by my side until I get assured that I’m gonna make it home tonight is really something. I remember her saying, “For a certain amount of Hong Kong dollars, not bad enough to know who really cares about you.”

I promised her that when I get back in HK, I’m going to visit her in her small place near the country side of Lantau.Kind souls do exist! To you both, thank you! Finally I’m going home!


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