5 Things To Remember About Diversity

We often think how humanity would be like in the absence of conflict, where pursuit of harmonious society is never just a dream that everyone wishes for but a reality for humankind. However, have we even asked ourselves as part of this system, what have we done right to achieve this?

I lived for almost a month in a foreign land, with 32 wonderful people from 17 nations – with them they bring their rich culture and traditions and their belief system that I have never heard before. However, what makes our differences worth the celebration is the connection despite diversity. Here are the 5 things why we should celebrate diversity.

“Now we can’t distguish who is who – no race , no religion,just humans. All are equal.” – Hend Sallam

LIFE. Your realities are never the realities of others. It is sometimes our personal perceptions that create our reality. We are not in the position to dictate how the reality of others should be like. In this life’s existence, we meet a lot of people – so deeply listen with their stories, just listen and when you are done listening, try to understand and if it poses you questions never hesitate to ask. There are times when the answers we hear are not enough or the sense of dissatisfaction becomes our argument, hold back, it is their reality not ours.

FRIENDSHIP. Having thousands of friends could be an achievement, but having good ones to keep is a treasure. Was there a point in our lives when we asked ourselves, who our friends are? Sure, we set standards and it varies – but what makes friendship lasts are the moments you have genuinely lived together and the nostalgic memories that bridge boundaries.

RELIGION. In a society where we perceive we belong, acceptance and appreciation are our greatest allies. Nonetheless, even in the environment we thought we own, sometimes it disowns us, not because we don’t deserve it but because of the perceived notion that being different needs a cure. In this world, we were made to believe that religion is the most powerful guide to be a better person – we were taught to pray, praise our gods, and live by our teachings and because of this, an embedded belief that the things we do are the absolute. Sometimes, we tend to forget that others have their own ways too – and human nature dictates that being behind is deemed unacceptable. If the basic teaching of religion is to do good, I firmly ask the question, what happened to us?

CULTURE. Traveling could be your greatest teacher to appreciate culture – at first curiosity strikes you. Traveling alone and living with a “new family” you have never known before gives you another aspect of life. You are forced to examine both your own culture and the culture you’re being immersed in.

LOVE. Love is always unexpectable and often times, it gives you a thousand questions and even answers you’re not ready to hear. We may have lived in a liberal society or in the most conservative one, but who are we to judge? Some said, societal restrictions and limitations can reduce the pain of being hurt, some even said love starts after marriage. We live in a very diverse world, some could be together, some may not but at the end of the day it is our choice to challenge our realities – we take risks, but that’s how life should be. We win some and we lose some.


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