Extreme Vantage Point: An Interview with Vadim Makhorov

Vadim Makhorov is a Russian photographer who loves to view the world from extreme heights and appreciates urban landscapes. His amazing style of photography has been published in The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail and New York Times. I had a short interview with him, here he talks about why he loves taking photos in extreme vantage points.

Vadim Makhorov, 24, Professional Photographer

Why is photography your interest and why bring it to an extreme new level?

My passion evolves in the world of arts, and I definitely consider photography as part of it. I started doing photography four (4) years ago (and started travelling at the age of 19). I tried different kinds of creativity in the world of photography, dabbled with it. Since, I almost tried everything about it, one day I realized there is so much beauty in urban landscape that one can appreciate, and so it was the day I considered as my greatest take-off in my passion and interest. Imagine a city full of lights, monstrous buildings – where heights may be considered as the greatest fear one may imagine. However, height has so much beauty that deserves appreciation.

We all have unique or yet personal definition of what photography is; but whenever I take photos, I let people define it. I consider myself as creative and as of the present, this is where my creativity belongs. I have managed to succeed. But things are not permanent, change is constant in this world. The success you embrace in the present may be not the same as that in the future. So, I always assure myself to capture the greatest heights I can reach and appreciate its beauty.

What could be the other countries you want to visit as your subject?

Recently, I traveled to Europe with my best friend and partner in photography (Vitaliy Raskalov). We wanted to see the non-touristic side of the continent. We always wanted to offer something new, complicated, and fascinating views of a place, the unusual side. Sometimes, when we set our attention into something we think could be the best and perfect, we tend to appreciate what the world offers. Someone asked me before, what could be the best photo you consider or captured so far? I answered, “That’s a difficult question, I always leave it to the viewers.”

Benidorm, Spain

If I were to travel some other time in the future, I would love to visit China, Brazil and North Korea.

What could be the greatest challenge you have encountered?

Well, problems are everywhere – everyone has stories to tell. Sometimes, we find a way to get around them. But surely, we can solve them. Personally, at a young age (yes, I consider myself young), I don’t remember that I have encountered a greatest challenge YET. There is still a long journey that awaits me in this world. I’m not yet half-way showing the beauty of the world.

I can only share one great achievement so far, and that’s doing the things I love and live without tension.

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