The 4-Year-Old Boy Who Stood Up to Al-Qaeda and Saved His Family

A 4-year-old British boy Elliott Prior with his mother and sister went shopping in a weekend, but things turned into an unexpected nightmare when terrorists with “links” to Al-Qaeda staged a deadly attack in Nairobi’s Westgate shopping centre, according to reports.

As he witnessed his mother shot in the leg with an AK47, the boy stood up to the attackers.

“You’re a bad man, let us leave,” the 4-year-old boy child shouted to the terrorist.

meet, the, 4 year old, boy, who, stood, up, to, al qaeda, and, saved, his, family,

(c) Reuters

The gunman responded with unexpectedly, set the family free and gave Elliot and his sister bars of chocolate.

Elliot and his sister as they came out of the complex, still holding the chocolate bars the terrorist had given them. (Source: Reuters)

During their escape, the children’s mother, Amber, managed to take two more children with her outside the crime scene. The Independent reports that one of them was a 12-year-old boy who was injured and whose mother had been shot dead during the attack.

John Hall from The Independent reports that the group of terrorists asked if any children were in the mall and when Amber yelled out that there were, the terrorists approached her and let her family leave. “As the group turned to leave, the gunman allegedly called after them saying the jihadists only wanted to kill Kenyans and Americans, not Britons, pleaded with Amber to convert to Islam and begged, “Please forgive me, we are not monsters,” Hall reports.

As of Tuesday, the death toll of the terrorist attack was at 69 civilians, while 65 people remain hospitalized. While the world is still struggling to come to terms with the amount of human suffering as a result of the attack, it’s comforting to hear at least one story of heroism resilience, and more importantly, survival.

Source: Policy Mic

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