Read This Very Beautifully Written Goodbye/ Breakup Note And Cry The Rest Of Your Day Away

Thought Catalog

I would enter the summer numb and hungry. I have never felt crazier than I did the in days following my return home from freshman year. I cried hysterically, I fasted, and I slept. I thought obsessively about our relationship, about how late I realized you didn’t need me like I needed you, and about how I did not know what I was supposed to do with the summer ahead of me. I thought about you, and I thought about your hopes about reclaiming lost connections and finding new adventure.

Shortly out of an eighteen-year stretch of romantic independence (or desolateness, depending on perspective), I tried on innumerable occasions to convince myself that this was exciting: I wasn’t a virgin, I was on good terms with many people more attractive than you, and bad bitches are believed to be at their best when they aren’t tied down. But this train…

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