How to Position Your Brand on Twitter

How do you engage your consumers online? Do you value their interests without compromising your company’s brand? Surely, social media brought us into a new way of social talking, to reach million users in split seconds. While online social outlets, such as Twitter allows you to so, it is not enough to bank on merely broadcasting or talking about your brand. Notably, communication involves talking and listening as important primary elements.

Here are 5 ways on how to position your brand on Twitter, being engaging at the same time.

1. Focus on your competencies and interests. Various global brands have now joined and enjoyed the perks of what social media can do – from consumer electronics company like Apple Inc., cosmetic brands like Neutrogena down to small-scale businesses who tries and continuously trying to reach million users on Twitter for potential increase on sales.

Now, how can you increase your followers without spending on expensive advertising or promotion talking on Twitter? As a neophyte in social media, it is undoubtedly a challenge to compete with big companies who have gained large amount of followers compared to yours. Do not worry, there is always a free way to do it.

Twitter allows you to search people events, and even conversations of its users publicly, by default. For example, you type on its search bar, “Where to stay in New York?”. Absolutely, you will see results people looking for hotels for their planned vacation in the city, seeking suggestions and recommendations from their followers. This scenario opens opportunity for your business to engage your target consumers. You are able to check what people need, then creating a leverage point to improve your business.

As you listen to their sentiments in social media, be responsive. Show what you can offer, probably having the most efficient service, big discounts, and promos. Consumers are relational and personal by nature. They love being feel heard and acknowledged.

Sooner or later, you need not to talk much about your brand – consumers will. Once your consumer posted a good feedback about you service on Twitter, this means free advertisement. Followers will know more about your business.

Remember that a friend’s recommendation is more powerful than any advertisement. Dozens of followers have surely read and noticed that tweet open for retweets and favorites, which people can check on their friends’ activity.

Virtual endorsement from your consumers is the best way of brand promotion, by experience.

2. Be consistent. Consistency is the key to success on Twitter. This is authentically the case both for personal accounts and brands, and it comes in two prongs – consistency in the things you say, and consistency in how often you say them.

Certainly, it shows who you are, what and how often you tweet about. It should always be constant. Your power to speak and share thoughts onTwitter is the most essential thing you truly own. It depends on how you say it. It is yours. Nevertheless, if you try to employ your online maneuver differently, then these things won’t matter – as it creates chaos and confusion about your brand. Thus, causes a gradual brand stick.

You also need to be consistent in how often you tweet.

I created my Twitter account in 2010 but only actively used it in 2012. The results is, I never gained relevant increase of followers as it always involves engagement, valuable content and constant tweeting .However, do not overtweet as this might annoy or disrupt your followers leading to unfollowing or blocking your account.

Being consistent does not mean you should be boring. Choice is still yours. People, however, have set their expectations on how you tweet, perhaps all the time. Learn to educate yourself on the customs and norms of the Twitter verse. Be consistent the way you behave.

3. Initiate Engagement With Your Followers. Social networks are not broadcast media. The important questions is what do your consumers like and need. Of course, you will never know what they like in general, so ask. Consider yourself as a consumer, what do you want to read and see on Twitter to join a conversation? A trending topic about Apple’s new iPhone models? A travel promo and package?

One thing your followers will surely care about is simply being who they are. By simply asking, “Are you excited for the weekend?”, you’ll get replies, favorites and RTs.

If you want people to be more interested about your brand, initiate engagement to create true online social dialogue. Engage, don’t broadcast.

4. Be Authentic. You must be as honest and transparent as possible when using social media. Honesty and transparency build a direct relationship between you and your followers, and any deviation from these value can erode brand trust forever.

For small business even huge ones, imperfection about your product in inevitable. However, could be proactively resolved. You can never avoid negative criticisms of bashers on Twitter, it’s virtually impossible to hide the truth. If initially, you have already built good relationship with your followers, they will serve as your defenders to disprove others’ negative comments about you.

If your company, on the other hand is not ready to face the facts about your product or organization, don’t join the conversation yet. Because when you try to employ dishonest tactics in trying to reach consumer, then obviously your brand is slowly losing sight the basic importance of telling the truth.

5. Respond Quickly To All Comments – Good or Bad. What to do if people write and post negative things about your company? Simply, if you’re not ready to respond to negative comments, then don’t. There are indeed inherent negative externalities in social media that we can never get rid of. However, if you are prepared to handle criticisms and respond appropriately and owning a social network community where people can post positive and negative comments could be an asset. Thus, lessening the propensity of hearing it on Twitter where millions can see it.

Embrace what you can’t control. Now, social media comments are the new comment cards. The truth is there is absolutely no way to stop people from bashing you negatively on Twitter. It is only when you try to resolve this type of conflict proactively or efficiently.



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