Engage, Do Not Broadcast: What Do Your Consumers Like

As I said in my previous blog, social networks are not broadcast media. Now, the essential question is, what do your consumers truly like. Given you have already considered specific markets, you will never know what they generally like – so you should try asking. What do your customers or followers value? What content will get them interested to genuinely and authentically Like your service or product. Always remember, abusive sharing would quickly annoy and disrupt them.

Setting up your market, surely you know about them. However, never act as if you know everything. If you don’t know, simply ask.

For example, in blogging, what would make people like, comment, share and follow your blog? Definitely, you write topics you think get more views everytime you post. The more you then realize what they like to read, the more your followers become engaging.

If you were your consumer, whom eventually you consider will soon patronize your service, what would make you click the Like button on Facebook or leave a comment? A travel photo? An interesting video on YouTube? Or Miley Cyrus’ trending ‘twerking’ dance?

One thing your followers will not positively respond to is about your business financial status. There maybe an audience who cares but not enough to get conversion.

Keep in mind that online social outlets are not broadcast media. If you want people to be interested about you, initiate engagement to create true dialogue.

Engage, don’t broadcast.

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