How to Create Genuine Dialogue in Social Networks

As an average social media user, the primary features we enjoy and consider is its capability to reach  thousands or millions of people online – through friends for personal accounts, likes on Facebook for businesses and organizations, follow feature for Twitter, and many others. You post and share expecting to be heard and acknowledged in every post you make. However, the way you value your thoughts as “relevant” may never be the same others perceive it. So, the question  now is, “How to be engaging?”. The term engage could mean, interaction between you and your followers or consumers.

In business, it is not enough to tell your market, “I am this brand”. It is highly important that people will be able to relate on what you post in social media channels – eventually, it is where engagement happens. For example, if you try to sell a skin care product, it is recommendable to say how your product worked on your loyal customers, as testimonials. The way you market your services and products should always depend on your market and potential targets. Although, social media will never be solely the best channel to sell your business – that’s why other medium like traditional media advertising could be an option.

Never waste your money and time on expensive advertising talking or materials, especially for small businesses. The time you build trust and confidence to your customers, you then create a new channel of marketing strategy without paying a single cent. These people will do the word-of-mouth marketing for you.

Communication is not absolute between companies and consumer alone but also between consumer and consumer.

Furthermore, for personal accounts, do not overuse the ‘post’ feature especially on Facebook. It might pissed your followers off that could lead to abrupt decline of social media presence. Three things (1) get unfriended or unfollowed or worst blocked; (2) disappear on your followers’ news feed and (3) end up no likes at all. Always be honest on your posts – bluffing is a no.

So what does “being engaged” really mean?

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