Do You Drink Coffee For Wifi

Drinking coffee has this comforting and relaxing feeling. You often go to coffee shops to buy the coffee of the day or take a cup of your favourite blend. You read, write and browse the web to check your e-mail, Facebook and Twitter with your perfect brewed coffee. However, I have observed today that people who visit coffee shops (including myself) – internet connection is the primary concern. One would ask, “May WiFi kayo?” (Do you have WiFi?) or “Anong password ng WiFi niyo?” (What’s the password of your WiFi?). Interests do change, it takes a whole new paradigm shift of what coffee shops should be – good conversation that is.

This post includes 5 coffee shops I often visit and the availability of their internet connection they offer.

1. Tully’s Coffee

Everytime I go out of office – either just to kill time before heading home or to write for my blog, I stay at Tully’s Coffee in Exchange Road, Ortigas. They do have good internet connection plus pastries. However, if you have plans to be abusive, your plan may just won’t work. For example, staying near the area to free ride for WiFi will never be possible. They change their password from time to time, like everyday. Although, they permit you to use the internet until closing time. Make sure you’re a consumer not a leech.

2. Highlands Coffee

Before anything else, I want you to try their special coffee bean from Vietnam, Suada. Then, get back to me once you had them. Moving on, once you avail any product, they give you customized username and password for internet access. However, it only allows you to browse for an hour.

3. Green Coffee

I am not sure if there are other branches around the Metro aside from Timog Ave., Quezon City, where I sometimes stay. Their branch is open 24/7, wifi usage as well. They give you a customized password every transaction made. Furthermore, they encourage feedback through social media, which I think is a good leverage over other coffee shops.

4. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I must admit, CBTL is the best place if you are looking for good food and cozy place to stay. They have unlimited WiFi access if and only if you have their Swirl Rewards Card. It’s not as bad as you think. You get the card for Php 200.00 – where you gain points in every transaction. You can use your points to buy any product the next time you visit. Points earned are converted to monetary value.

5. Starbucks

Who doesn’t know Starbucks? It is almost everywhere in the city. However, for internet connection you might think twice visiting them again. I visited their branch in Ayala Ave., and I had to avail the internet with an amount of Php 6o.oo good for an hour.

The list mentioned is based on my personal experience and preference.

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