Why Social Media Listening is Important

Who doesn’t want to be heard, right? You definitely post your thoughts on Facebook, tweet updates on Twitter, share videos on YouTube and photos on Instagram for one major reason – you want to be heard.

Everybody loves to feel heard for social media has the same components as to natural communication between groups and individuals. It is 50 percent listening and 50 percent talking. For several years, organizations and companies have done disproportionate amounts of talking. But the costs for these listening activities amount to little compared to the monetary expenses spent on mass media talking.

As social media buzzes today and exhibits its greatest potentials – these companies, organizations and even governments can listen at scale to conversation about them and even their competitors.

As you enjoy the favorable usage and feature to joining conversation on social media, Facebook and Twitter as the top used social networks are not just simply broadcast media. You see breaking news and updates, latest trends and hot-button issues being talked about all over the social media web. Thus, encourages social network users to be engaged and conversant, virtually through listening.

Furthermore, social media is the first communications channel that allows large scale listening, no matter what you sell or market, your customers, followers and potential targets are definitely talking.

The greatest reminder that one must put in mind in order to enhance a certain product or a cause is to listen first before you talk back. You can always join the conversation as a listener.

However, social media does not promise everything you need. At the end of the say, it has negative externalities that one must anticipate about.

I read the book of my favorite social media expert and author, Dave Kerpen, entitled, Likeable Social Media. He listed down three major pints on what social media can and can’t do.

1. Social media cannot make up for a bad product, company, or organization. If you’re marketing a bad service or widget, not only will social media not help you, but it will actually hurt your cause, as word will spread quickly. The good news is, if you’re using social media as well, you’ll quickly know when you have bad products, employees, or processes. As a good businessperson or marketer, you can fix these problems before they cause serious damage.

2. Social media won’t lead to overnight sales success. Success will take time and will come in increased buzz, referrals, traffic, and eventually sales.  Social media is not an instant win.

3. Social media is not free. It will take time and/or money to achieve sustained growth. Since it’s free to join Facebook and any social network worth talking about, may marketers think social media is free, or at least cheap. The good news is, no matter how large your company is, it’s nearly impossible to spend the kind of money on social media that large companies regualrly spent on network television in the last twenty centuries. But building and executing a likeable social media plan will take lots of time and work. Ultimately, such a plan can’t be the sole effort of any one marketing or public relations department but instead must be integrated across your entire company, its agencies, and vendors.

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  1. Staff · September 9, 2013

    Reblogged this on SoshiTech.

  2. pinkzebradesigns · September 9, 2013

    Social Media is really an important tool for online visibility. It helps to get big traffic as large number of people follow social media and spend their maximum time on these sites.

    • theclickbook · September 9, 2013

      Yes. And online visibility happens when you, as social media listener always take the time to listen. Thanks for reading my post.

  3. Gunjan Amit · September 10, 2013

    Social Media is also important to identify the customer need, new product innovation ideas, new market expansion opportunities, for organic and inorganic growth etc,,,

  4. EzyInsights · September 10, 2013

    Social media is the channel to engage with customers, and create a two way road to listen and communicate with customers. Great article!

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