Likeable: An Interview with Dave Kerpen

CEO of Likeable Local, Dave Kerpen (c)

Name: Dave Kerpen

Occupation: CEO, Likeable Media

Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York

Education: Boston University

I recently had the chance to interview Dave Kerpen, who is the CEO of Likeable Local, a social media software startup for small businesses, as well as the chairman and former CEO of Likeable Media.

 Kerpen during the late 1990s received media attention in the Boston sports market turning him to a Boston sports media celebrity.  He was also a contestant on Fox’s 2003 reality television series, Paradise Hotel, and even further received additional media attention when he staged his sponsored wedding in 2006. He is also the author of the 2011 New York TImes bestselling book, Likeable Social Media as well as the 2012 book Likeable Business.

Dave is a very busy person, so in this 15-minute interview he talks about why he chose social media as his business, aspirations, and as a father to her two lovely daughters.

Why did you choose social media as your brand and business? Are there chances that social media will reach its weak point?

As social media becomes a significant element of a comprehensive online presence, brands, and organizations; I see social media as an equalizer. It is a platform of possibilities although it can be addictive – where people like to spend a lot of time being connected with each other. Social media will never vanish. It will grow and develop.

As a thought leader and influencer how do you connect with your readers and followers? What other aspirations do you have in life?

I believe, it is all about relationships. You must help others and with that you are able to establish a good relationship with them. It goes the same with your online presence. I don’t think there’s a difference with building relationship online and offline. What you always need to keep in mind, is to value every relationship you make.

I simply want to continue my passion in writing, speaking, teaching and probably invest more to small-scale businesses. Also, I want to pursue my political career, I might run for public office or as mayor of New York. And if that happens, I want to focus on education and small business as my main agenda. I highly encourage small businesses to open and give them a lot of incentives.

Despite of your very busy schedule, how do you manage your time with your family and work?

I schedule a lot. And as a husband and father I give them the biggest T.I.M.E because the more time I give them, that’s how I become supportive.

Dave Kerpen has spoken about social media to a variety of audiences including SXSW, WOMMA, and TEDx.

Message to The Clickbook: “You can do anything, follow your passion and work on it.”

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