Family will always be family

We are born in this world superficially alone – alone in a sense that whatever journey we take shall solely be ours; the choices we make, the decisions we take, and the life we want. Nevertheless, it is extravagant and special that when we started opening our eyes and shed tears as we are welcomed in this chaotic yet beautiful world, we are warmly accepted by people we call family. Family, what a beautiful and magnificent beings – unconditional love, restless caress, and appreciation shall always be deemed obligatory, I suppose.

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But along in this life’s journey, there are misfortunes, tragedies, and unreconcilable compromises that make the foundation of this magnificent entity put into test. It seemed like the test has began since eternity – you will never know when will things end, when will it be settled, and eventually have that harmonious life you have always dreamed of. We never asked for misfortunes – that’s part of it. We never asked for tragedies – it’s natural. However, unreconcilable compromises do always have an option; it’s either you stay firm on the philosophy you believe in or bargain what you always think is right to attain that harmonious relationship, not for yourself but for everyone.

This test, is never-ending. If only we know the formula and perfect equation to pass this, we should have been the best student of life. But that’s not really how things work in this lonely world. We take our journeys with these people because they are family. But at the end of the day, because each characters may not have been prepared themselves for this periodical test, everybody fails.

Indeed, I am sincerely thankful to all the people who have been part of this journey – I always am. I know how to look back for who I am, from no one to someone. All these things will never be possible without these people who have helped and raised me from the misfortune of life. However, personally I know how to be strong amidst all of these unwanted situation I have experienced. And I know, I should never be complacent because life, though beautiful has its trait to betray you.

In the end, family will always be family. We understand, we consider and we love.



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