Hong Kong’s Young Internet Entrepreneur: An Interview with Josh Lam


Occupation: Architectural Trainee by Day, Blogger by Night

Birth Date: 31st July 1992

Education: The University of Hong Kong

Place of Birth: New Zealand

Current Residence: Hong Kong

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Greatest Achievement in life: Top 10 Twitter User in Hong Kong

“I have just graduated from university and just started working this week. This has to be the biggest turning point fro me so far.”

Biggest challenge faced?

“Balancing online and offline work. One is more like a personal hobby, and the online stuff always has become second for me.”

What do you do in your spare time?

“I’m a great sports fanatic – I play hockey and paddle dragonboat competitively. I believe that sports can help reduce stress plus its a great workout. I try and balance these sports with running/swimming/gym 4 times a week.”

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Club


How did you start being an Internet Entrepreneur?

“Well here’s how I started. I was about 8 or 9, my parents brought our first home computer: If you saw it today, you’ll laugh: It was a Fujitsu desktop with Windows 98, a Pentium 3 processor and a huge screen between the size of a CRT screen and a LCD screen. Anyways, the computer itself isn’t important. The thing that was important was what it allowed me to access to: The Internet. Of course, nowadays, almost everyone had access to the Internet. The Internet was like a window of opportunity; anything was possible online. Including making money online. Well, I wasn’t an evil money grabber when I was 9. I started having a love for gadget/ I started to read Engadget, and soon TechCrunch everyday. Fast forward to October 2008, I decided to start trying to make money online; I created a free BlogSpot blog with gadget news and placed AdSense ads on it. At the height of the blog, I got 10,000 plus page views a month, not bad considering I was doing this just for fun. In March 2009, I made my first $100 online from my first AdSense cheque, only after three months I originally started the blog, and shortly after, made my first $1000 online in August of the same year.”

About Blogging

“I used to blog about new gadgets or technology worth having, but by placing advertising within the blogs had taught me a lot – something I wanted to share with others. Thus, later I decided to abandon the technology blog to start monetizing methods on the internet. As a child, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that you could make money from the Internet. Blogging was just a step for me to test this theory out in real life.”

“I’ve always kept blogging on the sideline for a reason – I didn’t see a future in it. Let’s say if I had decided to blog full-time, I would have probably chose a path of journalism, instead of Architecture, where I’m heading today. Yet the idea of being a journalist still interest me today.”


“I feel evil for saying this, but it was the idea that I could make money from absolutely nothing. Everyone has said it was possible, so I wanted to try it myself. As a kid at that time, I guess I just wanted more pocket money, but it has become more than that today.”

Why such career?

“I wouldn’t say this is a career for me, but rather a side project/hobby. I currently have a full time job in an architectural firm and I’m hoping to get my license to practice in the next three to four years. It may have been a successful side project but personally I see no future in it.”

On Social Media

“Social Media, in the beginning, was a tool for us to connect with our friends even if they’re not next to us in real life. Nowadays, in Hong Kong, due to ubiquity of smartphones, people use their phones to avoid real life interaction. Instead, you see people checking Facebook, tweeting, or instagramming in the hope of more followers, likes and retweets, which are all merely a number on screen. Have as human beings become so shallow that all we do is to chase numbers on a screen now? Our real offline lives are being over-shadowed by our virtual selves. I believe, as a connectivity tool it has served its purposes, but Social Media’s reputation system based on a larger number has to die.”

Greatest Frustrations

“In the past, I’ve tried to do so many things in life with too many goals all at the same time. It’s like throwing rocks into a pile and hoping you can build a house with that. It’s virtually impossible. But the greatest things about mistakes is that you can learn from them and so better in the future. It doesn’t matter if you failed ten times if it leads to one success. These mistakes builds the foundation of the successful house that won’t collapse in the end.”

Life is a journey. whatever turn, decision or direction you take is up to you. no one can change what you do. so choose wisely and hope for the best.


“I don’t want to say that I aspire to be the most famous architect in the world in the league of Rem Koolhaus or Zaha Hadid, because every architecture student will say that. I aspire to be my better self, regardless of profession or in sports. And this really comes down to experience and practice. The only reason will someone else is better than you is because they’ve practiced more. So to beat them, you practice more than them, and which practice comes experience in mistakes and how to correct them. So I aspire to accelerate in this process, if only it’s possible.”

“I would say graduating from university and working is now already half my life fulfilled. Now I just have to save up, buy a house, get marries, have kids, etc. Those will be the next challenges for me.”


Views on sex: “If it feels good you’re doing something right.”

Who is your next President: Sergey Brin

What legacy you want people to remember you: I don’t want to be a legacy, but rather be an inspiration for those teenagers that dream big in life. Dare to make a difference and take actions.

Message to CLICKBOOK: Thanks for featuring me! 

Shoutout to everybody: Dream big or go home!

Random Fact: I have once made a cool US$800 on one tweet,

Twitter Handle: @joshlam


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