Independent Skies Magazine is an international youth initiative that promotes awareness among the youth by raising their respective opinions. ISM further acknowledges the role of the youth in nation-building through collective effort and genuine leadership.

This is a 2-day workshop here in Manila, on August 17 – 18, 2013.  During the event, there will be talks on leadership, event organizing, and fund raising. These respective topics will be useful for the participants’ future projects.

Moreover, the end result of the workshop will be the creation of a project based on the discussions transpired during the entire duration of the program. Participants will discuss various socio-economic and political dilemma the Philippines is presently facing.

Apply now! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GNPijPDUxVuN9MzxUG55Yaq7fVW7UHoHEViOWp3HEo0/viewform Got questions? You may contact me at rj@independentskies.com


As the exponentially growing population is facing situations that some would even describe as insurmountable; we are in constant need of fresh innovations, skills and knowledge. And we need to start listening to those who are bursting with all three.

Independent Skies Magazine was founded on the premise of displaying the voice of today’s youth. Initiated and maintained by high school graduates and college students and young professionals in different parts of the world. ISM aims to shift the attention of elderly decision makers. The young population deserves opportunities to prove they are worth the respect and acknowledgment. Together, we are establishing a platform for free exchange of ideas passion and Innovation.

Independent Skies wants to bring the youth together and erase all types of conflict to prove to the world that the leaders of tomorrow are brothers today.

To achieve this, our magazine needs to be accessible to any reader around the globe at any time. Not aiming for profit but only aiming to see young voices heard.

To change lifestyles one needs to inspire. To inspire one needs to be heard.

Supporting youth, supporting your peers and supporting the actions of your local community is possible anywhere! The innovators in Independent Skies Magazine are all committed to personal initiative and action.

Independent Skies Team encourages all the youth to stand up, take action and do what they do best, If you don’t know ask us and if you know tell us because we are DEDICATED TO HELP.

Let’s build a common voice through common efforts.


We Are Baghdad is a campaign Launched in April 2012 by Independent Skies Magazine to raise money for Iraqi orphans that are now more than 400,000 and there are only 40 official Orphanages all around Iraq.


Peace Is Possible: Conversations with Arab and Israeli Leaders from 1988 to the Present is a book by S. Daniel Abraham, with a foreword by former U.S. President Bill Clinton. The book was released in hardcover format on March 13, 2006 by Newmarket Press.

The book is a first-hand account of Slim Fast founder Abraham’s more than 15 years of peacemaking efforts in the Middle East, as well as the various reasons he believes peace is possible.

Hillary Clinton spoke about Abraham’s book at Princeton University, while recognizing the creation of the “S. Daniel Abraham Visiting Professorship in Middle East Policy Studies” and its first holder, Daniel C. Kurtzer.

The book is utilized as a resource by Case Western Reserve University, and the United States Air Forceutilizes other books by Abraham as part of Middle-East peace workshops.

With former congressman Wayne Owens, Abraham established the Center for Middle East Peace & Economic Cooperation. Abraham’s work on peace is also featured as part of the Clinton Global Initiative.


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