A Soldier’s Art: An Interview with Dae Lee


Photo Credit: Dae Lee’s The White Barcode



Occupation: Soldier

Birth Date: August 5, 1989

Place of Birth: Seoul, Korea

Origin of Family: South Korea

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Achievement: Serving my country


Dae Lee serves as a soldier in DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) for Military Operations.

Biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

 “The change of environment. I lived in the Philippines my whole life, and now I am here in Korea in the military. It’s a challenge that I don’t get to practice my art. Well I dream. (as in I dream about making stuff hahaha and I jot them down so I can actually give life to them in the future.)”

What do you do in your spare time? Why and how often do you do it?

 “Make random artworks, videos, music or pictures.”


A butterfly caught in a Sundew slowly deteriorating to show its delicate skeletal system. Seoul Grand Park, Korea | daelee.tumblr.com


“Sur le Feu” Giving New Life | daelee.tumblr.com

Check out more of his artworks and photos at THE WHITE BARCODE.


Why did you choose such career?

     “As an artist, I didn’t choose it… I just did what found fun. As a soldier, I felt like I gave too much to the Philippines and none to Korea. And since I am Korean I wanted to give back something to my motherland. And also, when will you ever have a chance to be a soldier (for a short time) in your life?”

When and how did you start?

     “For art, it started with Lego. As a soldier, I felt like I needed a break and change of environment.”

Why posses that passion?

     “Same with art and military it’s about making others earn something from what you do. Their simple happiness can be a lifelong fuel for me to continue what I do.”

What are your greatest frustrations?

     “Right now, no freedom of time, and restrictions of army.”

Do you still have any aspirations in life? When can you say that you are already fulfilled as an individual?

“Yes, a lot. I think I will never be fulfilled for I want to keep on learning. And I am always open to new things.”


What are the things we don’t know about you?

     “A lot. And I can’t say. I can call in a rain of fire?”

Message to Clickbook:

     “Hello! Thanks! Didn’t expect to get this while I am here in the army. A few months and you will see a different real me.”

Shoutout to everyone: “AHHHHHHHHHHH! Hello!”

Random Fact:  “I have a YouTube channel called daeleelife.”

486425_458361300896878_1420782817_n (1)

The DaeLeeLife on YouTtube

Twitter Handle: @daeleehabit


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