My Top 20 Places To Visit

Life has given us short time to appreciate everything about this world; travel now and wander what the world could offer.  – RJBarrete

20. Vietnam

Left (Rice field in Vietnam provinces); Right (The mythical Ha Long Bay)

19. South Korea

Left (the romantic Jeju Island); Right (City of Seoul)

18. Japan

Tokyo, Japan

17. Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is second of the largest cities in Brazil and is legendary for its breath-taking landscapes, nonchalant peculiar beaches, and of course the annual Samba Carnival.

16. Somalia

Nomads drawing water from a well.

15. Russia

Left (Baikal Lake); Right (St. Basils Cathedral in Moscow)

14. New Zealand

Left (Lakes near New Zealand's Mount Tangariro); Right (Oceanium - Cannibal Bay, South Island, New Zealand)

13. Egypt

Sphinx and Great Pyramid

12. Nepal

The valley of Kathmandu

11. Israel

Left (Western Wall, one of the holiest sites for Christians and Jews); Right (The Bahai Gardens Temple & Cypress Trees)

10. Thailand

Thailand is rich in culture; Right (floating market)

9. Morocco

Left (Berber Village); Right (Day Trips from Marrakech)

8. London

Left (The Tower Bridge); Right (The Tower is one of London’s most popular attractions and for good reason. It exposes important history, houses the Crown Jewels, and offers more medieval armor than you can see anywhere else.)

7. Paris

Left (The Famous Eiffel Tower); Right (Basilique du Sacre Coeur)

6. New York City

Left (Manhattan by night); Right (Statue of Liberty)

5. Norway 

Fjord Norway

4. Greece 

Left (Fira Santorini, Greece); Right (Messinia Region, Greece)

3. Alaska

Left (Kodiak Island, Alaska); Right (Skagway Alaska)

2. India

Left (Taj Mahal); Right (Shimla, India)

1. Palawan, Philippines

Palawan Island, Philippines

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  1. kyemeruth · May 31, 2012

    Done with number 1! Hahaha. Leggo conquer number 10 in December! :DDDD

  2. kyemeruth · June 15, 2012

    Yung number 10 macoconquer na on September! Ayiiii! 😀

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