My Top 10 Food Destinations in Hong Kong (Hungry Games)

Hong Kong (Asia’s World City)

-RJ Barrete

Hong Kong is truly a mesmerizing place! Hong Kong’s existence represents its core strengths of shopping, architecture, natural beauty, delicious cuisine and fascinating culture.

Being into some of the best restaurants and food destinations in Hong Kong should be part of your itinerary that would definitely complete your Hong Kong experience!

Apart from enjoying the best Cantonese and regional Chinese food, you can sample a full choice of authentic Asian cuisines and Western fare. Local must-try dishes are dim sum and fresh seafood.

10 Tomita Japanese Restaurant

If you want a Japanese Cuisine experience during your stay in Hong Kong, you can try Tomita Japanese Restaurant. It is located Shop 102-103, 1/F, Yau Lai Shopping Centre, Yau Lai Estate, Yau Tong. 

The food was simply great though the service was quiet slow but it’s forgivable especially when it is a busy Sunday. 😉

9 Japanese Noodle

The travel time to Hong Kong may only take you 2 hours from Manila. Even if this isn’t a long flight, you may feel get exhausted.

The best thing to pamper yourself  is to have an authentic home-style Japanese noodle specialty from Kyushu, offering a wide selection of home-style Japanese cuisine, including Japanese noodles made with their famous secret stock, rice and snack dishes. This is located at the Arrivals Meeters & Greeters Hall, Level 5, HKIA.

This is also a good treat for Winter! 🙂

8 Triple O’s

Try this Canadian Legend!

Made to order with a 100% beef patty, Triple “O” sauce, crisp lettuce and fresh tomato, all wedged in a homestyle bun. Perfect with a classic milkshake and a side of their signature fries. 

It is located at several branches in Hong Kong, but I had my Triple O’s at Central Shop 10, 1st Floor, The Forum Exchange Square, Central, Hong Kong.

Price ranges from $30HKD to $60 HKD. Appealing quality e?

7 Hon Wo Korean Restaurant

Korean culture wave hit Hong Kong!

This restaurant offers a fairly cheap eat-all-you-can- Korean barbecue that you get to cook yourself. Or, if you prefer not to be your own chef, you can just order the even cheaper set lunch. As with any restaurant that serves Korean barbecue, your clothes will smell of what you have just eaten so try not to dress up. 

If you’ve been longing for an authentic Korean treat, you’ll  definitely enjoy this!

This is located at 2/F, 655  Nathan Road, Mong kok.

6 Mochi Ice Cream and 5 Hey Yo! Frozen Yogurt

Your meal won’t be completed without your favorite dessert. 

Mochi ice cream is a Japanese confection made from mochi (pounded sticky) with an ice cream filling.

” Sweet, fruity ice cream wrapped in soft fluffy dough and dusted with a white powdery coating. Now look in the mirror and laugh, yes, you have powder all over your lips. You’re a mess! With this dessert’s unique texture and blanket of white powder, you can’t help but smile and remember what it feels like to be a kid.” 

PPG’s new brand “HeyYO!!” Frozen Yogurt store is located at Langham Place and is bringing to you a self-serve Froyo experience! Using premium ingredients to create the prefect Froyo combined with PPG’s exclusive toppings, allowing you to mix and match any way you want!

4 Ocean Food Restaurant 

“Dim sum is a wide range of delightful Chinese snacks served in bamboo baskets accompanied by Chinese tea. Having dim sum in Hong Kong is a unique experience you shouldn’t miss.”

You can check it at Yau Ma Tei, near Jordan Station. This is a good bonding moment to share with your family and friends!

3 Cafe 508

Located at the 2nd floor, Cafe 508 is an all-day restaurant serving innovative international and Asian buffet and a la carte dining.  Long share tables create an informal ambience, encouraging guests to interact, and open-kitchen service enhances the friendly atmosphere. For relaxation, there is a daybed area that is illuminated by natural sunlight.

(Shang-rila Traders hotel)

(with Leong Mei, Michael, Emman, Warren and Botsokoyat Keane’s Christening)

2 Hong Kong Street Food in Mong Kok

Hong Kong’s street food is one of the city’s unique experiences.

Mongkok is where the densest population of locals live and the area is busy at all hours of the day and night. The Ladies’ Market is located here, a great place to buy souvenirs and women’s clothes at a discount as well as Sai Yeung Choi Street, a haven for electronics lovers. These two parallel streets are closed off to pedestrians only and on many of the corners, vendors sell street food for take away only. There are many to chose from, all very cheap and very very tasty. For the daring, there are octopus legs and squid and for the more conservative, there is always tofu and battered vegetables from which you can chose a few. The fare comes on a stick and is ready to eat. Although the name might sound precarious, do try the fish balls which are exceptionally sumptuous and savory.

Mongkok can be reached by taking the Tseun Wan MTR to Mongkok station, exit D3. Ice milk teas, coconut milk and waffles are also a favorite and many street food vendors have just such a place nearby.

Mong Kok’s streets are overwhelmingly busy days and nights. People are almost awake 24 hours a day!

1 Satay King

Save the BEST for last! During my stay in Hong Kong this is the best place to be at! The dishes are exceptionally the best!

If you want a total experience of various cuisines, this is a must try food destination. SIMPLY THE BEST!!!! 😀

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