It’s been almost a year since I participated to the initiative driven by a group of students from Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong that promotes and inculcate the value of peace among countries – may it be internationally, locally, nationally, or community-based conflicts through participative active communication during the conference.

At first, what I expected about this conference was more of the usual approach as other organizations define “conference”, with people on their suits, or formal dresses and embracing the concept of formality and engage themselves through intensive discussions with various respective speakers, but it was totally opposite of what I anticipated and it was more than that.

This conference was of total unique approach to assure remarkable and extraordinary experience for us (participants) harnessing with the significance of conflict management skills in forwarding a more orderly process of reconciliation during conflicts.


Our most fundamental belief is that each person is different. The differences between people are valuable and positive. However, they can also become the cause of conflict. Thus, we believe that society must learn to manage differences and any conflicts that come as a result.

When these differences are not managed well, they lead to serious conflicts. These conflicts can create all sorts of problems for society: stunted development, poverty, and even violence. Our goal is to help individuals and groups learn how to avoid this sort of escalation.

Ultimately, the goal is a process known as ‘peace’. Peace is not only a lack of conflict, but also a self-reinforcing process of dialogue that helps societies to manage differences and avoid conflicts escalating. This dialogue must be present on all levels of society – not just academic or political.


Some people might say or even question my active advocacy on promotion of peace on how elusive it is, but I personally choose to do something than to do nothing. Yes, having peace may be a gradual process aim everyone but never an impossible thing to believe in. It is always a human nature to always opt to be negative on certain things that may seem impossible to resolve, but having this kind of perception only proves how weak human beings may be. Let us always try to exhaust all efforts to achieve certain goals and concur all impossibilities.

Closing Ceremony

INITIATIVE FOR PEACE: Focus on the Mindanao Conflict 2011

-Let us all be an instrument of Peace-

What is peace for you? Comment below 🙂

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  1. Lawrence · March 21, 2012

    We at the I Declare World Peace project applaud and morally support this wonderful pro-peace effort. The Initiative for Peace is a wonderful addition to the growing press to generate global peace consciousness.

  2. Willard · March 22, 2012

    Grool 🙂

  3. iamnorbert · March 30, 2012

    Did you have a tour after the forum? I’m going there for the 2012 batch.

  4. theclickbook · April 20, 2012

    Hi Norbert! You will know when you get there!

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